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Support Local: A Midwest Community Resource List

This is your new, go-to resource for all things local. Live in the Midwest? You can now easily find what is made right here.

Local always taste better. It's like you can taste the labor of love put into creating the most delicious and nutritious food.

This resource is a living document focused on mostly smaller, plant-based and/or allergen friendly & sustainable brands. Keep in mind that many of these farms and brands carry other products as well. I have indicated this by saying: …& more. You may be familiar with some of these businesses, but I am always searching the Midwest for new and unique brands to share with you. So, if you have any favorites please share them below and I will consider adding them to this resource. (once I have tried them of course!) To keep this list easier to navigate and find products I have kept my descriptions and pictures to a minimum. But, have no doubt there is so much more I want to say about the creative & thoughtful humans behind these companies! My hope is that through this resource you can find local alternatives to some of the items you are currently consuming and make an educated decision that works for you. Supporting local not only helps our economy but contributes to less of a carbon footprint which in turn creates a better quality of life for all. Whether you are shopping for a product or a cause, I hope you find what you are looking for.

How this resource is organized

[ Organized by state, then category, then brand & item by alphabetical order]

* products in more than one category are listed accordingly.

Technically local would be Illinois based companies if you go by the standard 100-mile definition, but some say 400 miles is local. So, I have decided to organize this list to include the surrounding states because supporting Midwest states means less environmental impact. The 4 categories I have organized these into are: Beverages, Grocery, Desserts, and Goods. The Goods is for all non-edible items. Although this resource is mostly focused on plant-based food, I hope to continue to expand in locally made goods with your help. If you are having trouble finding a certain item, please let me know and I would be happy to help!

Let’s find it local: 

Illinois beverages

  • coffee

City Roasters Chicago|| Chicago, IL – small batch, ethically sourced coffee Dark Matter Coffee || Chicago, IL – sourced based on traceability, innovation and social responsibility. Passion House Coffee Roasters || Chicago, IL – their goal is to produce nuanced, complex, and clean coffee while cultivating relationships with the farms. Sip of Hope || Chicago, IL – 100% of proceeds support proactive suicide prevention and mental health education! Two Brothers Coffee Roasters || Warrenville, IL – small-batch & eco-friendly roasted single origin beans  & custom blends Veteran Roasters || Chicago, IL – buying these small batch roasted beans provides our local veterans with training from some of the best roasters in the Chicago area. The entire staff is 100% veterans. Their mission is to end homelessness and chronic unemployment in the veteran community.

  • kombucha

Arize || Chicago, IL – organic and fair-trade pu erh, white peony and yerba mate tea flavored with real organic whole plant ingredients.  Kombuchade || Chicago, IL – a probiotic sports drink designed for athletes + health conscious humans using exclusively organic ingredients.  Moderne Beverages || Chicago, IL -unique flavors using fair trade and organic certified tea

  • milk, non-dairy

Phoenix Bean|| Chicago, IL  – organic soymilk, sweetened & unsweetened

  • spirits

Koval Distillery || Chicago, IL – the largest independently owned craft distillery in the US producing organic whiskey, liqueurs & specialty spirits

  • tea

BESTeas || Chicago, IL – sparkling fruit infused tea, no sugar added – Kyle is on a mission to eradicate excess sugar from the American diet with these naturally sweet + refreshing drinks for you + you’re Best-tea! (couldn’t help myself)  Blue Buddha || Willowbrook, IL – organic wellness teas Limitless || Chicago, IL – matcha, sweetened & unsweetened  Petal  || Chicago, IL – organic sparkling botanical blends Simple Botanics || Chicago, IL – organic medicinal teas Soiree Tea  || Chicago, IL – loose leaf teas & matcha. Soirèe Tea donates a portion of all proceeds to cancer research. Spirit Tea || Chicago, IL – loose leaf tea, matcha, fermented tea & tonics  Tempo || Chicago, IL  sparkling unsweetened tea

  • water

Esse || Elgin, IL – cold pressed essential oil infused blood orange and lemon water Limitless || Chicago, IL – lightly caffeinated sparkling waters Superhue || Chicago, IL – cbd sparkling elixirs infused with cold pressed juice & superfoods grocery

  • bars

Blake’s Seed Based || Chicago, IL seed based snack bars & protein bars *allergen friendly Kitchfix || Chicago, IL grain-free granola bars Phyter Bars || Chicago, IL whole fruit + veggie bars *refrigerated Simple Squares || Chicago, IL- organic gluten-free nutrition bars 

  • bread & more.

Bulgalow by Middle Brow || Chicago, IL – fresh baked big loaves of bread using locally sourced & milled grains! Bungalow carries on the tradition of Middle Brow’s large charitable donations by hosting Free Breakfast for CPS students and through the development of work-training programs. pHlour Bakery || Chicago, IL – artisan breads & pastries Simple Mills || Chicago, IL – gluten-free artisan bread mix & pizza dough Wheat’s End || Chicago, IL – gluten-free bread, english muffins,bagels, + more. *dedicated gluten-free facility

  • breakfast

Kitchfix || Chicago, IL – ready to eat grain-free waffles in the freezer section *contains eggs Long Table Pancakes || Chicago, IL – 3 types of  small batch mixes using stone-milled heritage grains (the 1176 mix works for waffles too!)

  • dressings

Essie Marie’s || Bolingbrook, IL – dressings & marinades Farmed Here || Bedford Park, IL – vinaigrettes & more. Field + Farmer || Carol Stream, IL – dressings & more. Health by Juli || Homer Glen, IL – dressings

  • grains & flours 

Quality Organic||Dwight, IL – stone-ground organic non-gmo flours, popcorn, oats, buckwheat, cornmeal & more.

  • granola

Hungry by Nature || Chicago, IL – gluten, grain-free, + dairy free small batch granola full of flavor! Ellie makes three addictive varieties: original, chocolate cherry chia & lemon blueberry & limited quantity granola butter at farmers markets! Ingrained || Chicago, IL – unique flavors of superfood infused organic, vegan, + gluten- free granola made by Syd Kitchfix || Chicago, IL grain-free granola with no weird ingredients  Lil Bucks || Chicago, IL  – new adaptogenic clusterbucks & more made by Em Niloofar || Winnetka, IL – authentic trail mixes Radical Larder || Chicago, IL – small batch granola using local ingredients and dried fruit from Ellis Family Farms Victory Dance Foods || Chicago, IL – award winning garden granola, muesli, and granuesli

  • honey

Bike a Bee || bee hives all over South Side Chicago, IL – finest neighborhood-specific honey & honeycomb in Chicago: never heated, micro-filtered, or mixed with any fillers, flavors, or anything. harvested sustainably by two women, Jana & Brittany, all by bike! Chicago Honey Co-op || beehives all over Chicago, IL – chemical-free honey, beeswax & more. Drover’s Trail Natural Farms || Minooka, IL – honey & more. Honey Works || Grayslake, IL – raw honey, honey comb & more. Kinnikinnick Farm || Caledonia, IL – raw honey & more.

  • produce

American Pride Microfarm || Bolingbrook, IL – microgreens Closed Loop Farms || Back of the Yards Chicago, IL – quality microgreens, herbs, & edible flowers Drover’s Trail Natural Farms || Minooka, IL – vegetables, microgreens, & more. Earth & Skye Farm || Orland Park, IL – kale, swiss chard, mustards, bok choy, asian greens, salad greens like lettuce and arugula & more. Farmed Here || IL – organic basil, arugula, salad mixes, herbs, microgreens & more. Genesis Growers || Saint Anne, IL – vegetables & more. Gotham Greens || Chicago, IL – greens, basil, & pesto Growing Home Inc. || South Side Chicago, IL – vegetables, fruits, & herbs the 1st & only USDA-certified organic high-production urban farms in Chicago. They operate an employment training program for Chicagoans who have faced employment barriers. Heritage Prairie Farm || Elburn, IL – handpicked quality organic microgreens, vegetables, & more! Jacobson Family Farms || Antioch, IL – greens, heirloom tomatoes, root vegetables, & fruits (mushrooms & honey coming soon!) Kinnikinnick Farm || Caledonia, IL – organic produce & more. part of the proceeds go to the First Slice program to feed Chicago’s homeless. Nichols Farm & Orchard || Marengo, IL – vegetables, fruits, herbs & more. Oriana’s Orchard & Nursery || Skokie, IL – organic asian pears, preserves, paw paw, persimmons, wild medicinal herbs & more. Phoenix Bean || Chicago, IL  – mung bean sprouts, soybean sprouts Simple Botanics || Chicago, IL – green superfood powder Smits Farm || Chicago Heights, IL – fresh cut & potted herbs & vegetables. Three Sisters Garden || Kankakee, IL – 4 varieties of dry beans, heirloom white field corn for milling, and a diverse list of summer and winter squashes, peppers, tomatoes, melons and watermelons, fresh green and shell beans, onions, green garlic, herbs, pecans,  and sweet and baby corn. Urban Autism Solutions || Chicago, IL – multiple varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, carrots, beets, and alliums Urban Autism Solutions (UAS) is dedicated to changing outcomes for young adults with autism through an integrated community life that advances social and vocational opportunities. At Growing Solutions Farm (one of many programs offered by UAS), program participants receive food safety, soft skill, and technical training by farming, landscaping, harvesting, and marketing

  • protein, plant-based

Feed Your Head || Chicago, IL – vegan cheeses, vegan meats, sauces & more! made with local farms vegetables & herbs! Field + Farmer || Chicago, IL – hummus & plant based dips made with locally farmed ingredients! Phoenix Bean || Chicago, IL  – sprouted organic tofu, baked tofu, fried tofu, tofu salad, + soybean noodles

  • sauces

Pirro’s Sauces || Woodstock, IL – natural tomato based sauces *some contain dairy + meat Spice Mode || Chicago, IL – globally- inspired handcrafted cooking sauces 

  • snacks

Chia Leah || Wilmette, IL – small batch snacks like cookies, bites, crackers, granola and more, all with no refined sugars. Chicago Kale Chip Co. || Chicago, IL – addicting dairy-free flavored kale chips Foxx Brands || Chicago, IL – flavored light + satisfying popped lotus snacks I Heart Keenwah || Chicago, IL – quinoa puffs + snacks Nemi Holisticks || Chicago, IL – Regina brings her origins + heart into this sustainable + extremely addictive crunchy cactus snack reminiscent of cheetos but so much better!  Tea Squares || Chicago, IL – light + satisfying superfood energy bites caffeinated with organic tea  Simple Mills || Chicago, IL – gluten-free artisan crackers with no weird ingredients *one contains dairy Worthy Company || Chicago, IL – superfood blended bowls full of: fruits, veggies, legumes & superfoods

  • spices

Chutney Davis || Chicago, IL – spices & more.  LeMaster Family Kitchen || Chicago, IL – fresh ground all-purpose seasonings Rumi Spice || Chicago, IL -saffron & more.  Spice Mode || Chicago, IL – spices & more.  The Spice House || Chicago & Evanston, IL (Milwaukee, WI based) Wanderlust Sea Salt || Schaumburg, IL – a variety of sea salts

  • toppings & acompaniments 

Chicago Maple || Chicago, IL (Pickford, MI based) – maple syrup, maple cream Guitless Garden || Chicago, IL – guacamole *some contain meat Lil Bucks || Chicago, IL – cacao, matcha, and original sprouted buckwheat; Emily encourages midwest farmers to replenish the soil with nutrients from rotating with this tolerant crop. I call them “nutritional sprinkles” as they are versatile and add a nice crunch & flavor to just about any dish!  Nutmeg’s Spreads || Chicago, IL – gourmet almond, cashew, peanut butter + now pistachio butter heightened with olive oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, & pink himalayan sea salt created by a husband & wife team. 50% of profits help support non-profits in Billy’s country of origin, Kenya. Simplified Superfoods || Chicago, IL – super nutrient packets combining protein, fiber, & healthy fats Tuanis Chocolate || Chicago, IL – cacao nibs desserts Dharma Delights || Chicago, IL – superfood macaroons Ethereal Chocolate || Woodstock, IL – artfully crafted bars, truffles, + more *dairy-free Let Them Eat Candles || Chicago, IL – edible chocolate candles Living Pono || Chicago, IL – fresh baked vegan cookies made with non-GMO and organically sourced ingredients RawMio || Chicago, IL – raw, organic, stone-ground chocolate bars, spreads, + more.   Renee’s Raw Chocolate || Chicago, IL – fair-trade organic chocolate bark created with health in mind. *dairy-free  Simple Mills || Chicago, IL – frostings & gluten-free baking mixes for: cookies, cakes, muffins, & more.  Spark Organics || Chicago, IL – organic real fruit chews that are way better than Starburst! Sulpice Better Bites || Barrington, IL – chocolate covered nut butter snacks. They contribute to Common Threads.  – a charity that gives back through nutrition education and teaches healthy eating, healthy cooking and of course, healthy snacking. Tuanis Chocolate || Chicago, IL – soy free, vegan, organic & fair trade quality chocolate Mindful Baking || Chicago, IL – vegan + gluten free baked goods made by my friend Diane Mera Bites || Chicago, IL – fresh baked cookies that are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, preservative free & vegan options available.  No Denial Foods || Chicago, IL – posh nosh, pies, & specialty desserts *grain- free, gluten- free, dairy-free, low sugar Wow Chow Snacks || Chicago, IL -gourmet puppy chow – need I say more

  • frozen

Ingrained || Chicago, IL – low glycemic superfood bars & truffles made by Syd ItsaPop || Chicago, IL – organic fruit pops made with natural sweeteners, healthy fats + healing herbs. Ingredients are sourced from Farmers Markets around Chicago and frozen at peak freshness. Made by Chef Sarah Russo and created with those with dietary restrictions in mind. Sacred Serve || Chicago, IL – the most delicious raw, vegan, low glycemic smooth & decadent gelato made by Kailey! After a trip to Bali, Kailey was able to alter her health with nourishing foods and created one of the most health conscious desserts in the freezer aisle.   goods

  • apparel + more. 

Allie Kushnir || Chicago, IL – sustainable artist and textile designer who makes: purses, pouches, pillows, cards, utensil wraps, cards, calendar’s & more. Cause Gear || Chicago, IL – ethically, sustainably handcrafted canvas shoulder bags, backpacks, totes, clutches, pouches, organic t-shirts, aprons, wallets, belts, and bracelets made free of human trafficking, slavery, and poverty through a self-sustaining job. Mata Traders || Chicago, IL – a fair trade clothing and accessory company. Items are made by the hands of artisans in India and Nepal. Nourishing Notes || Chicago, IL – foodie themed aprons, bags, prints, cards, & more.

  • body care

Distinct Bath & Body || Chicago, IL – thoughtfully handcrafted natural soaps & body care products. I absolutely love these handmade soaps that Sam makes. Great for sensitive skin and the nourishing oils make my skin feel super soft! Dot Cup || Chicago, IL  one-for-one reusable menstrual cup; for every Dot cup purchased, one is given to a girl in need. Scratch Goods || Chicago, IL – all natural skin care goods for face, body, hair includes tools, brushes, books, & more. Simply Smita || Chicago, IL – organic body care products including: natural deodorant paste, body balm, face balm, lip balm, & face scrubs. Smita also sells: glass jars, metal tins, & muslin pouches.

  • books

Give a Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet. written by Ashlee Piper || Chicago, IL – a practical handbook that imparts easy tips on living more suistainably

  • candles 

Chicago Honey Co-op || beehives all over Chicago, IL – chemical-free beeswax candles & more. Honey Works || Grayslake, IL – bees wax candles & more.

  • ceramics

Little Fire Ceramics || founded in Chicago, IL (now WI based) – unique drinkware, planters, plates & more created by J. Egan. My JFG + LFC collab 12 oz Joy Mug inspired by cinnamon latte’s is now available to order here

  • composting services

Healthy Soil Compost || Chicago, IL WasteNot Compost || Chicago, IL

  • cleaning supplies

Meliora || Chicago, IL – laundry soap, dish soap, multi-purpose cleaners, scrubs & more.

  • flowers & plants 

Arnold J Klehm Growers || Hampshire, IL – foliage plants, orchids, woody ornamentals, peonies, & more. Flowers for Dreams || Chicago, IL – sourcing local flowers daily from Illinois + Wisconsin Farmers. 1/4th of the net profits are donated to a local charity of the month. Flowers are hand delivered for free around Chicago and usually by bike! Green Eyed Lady || Saint Anne, IL – lavender Matt’s Urban Garden || Mundelein, IL – top quality potted perennials and annuals Nichols Farm & Orchard || Marengo, IL – flowers & more. Petals Farm || Huntley, IL – unique, colorful, and fragrant floral choices, abiding by a natural, sustainable growing method.  Specializing in custom made bouquets utilizing an array of freshly picked items which can include, ornamental berries and branches to peonies and lilies. Smits Farm || Chicago Heights, IL – fresh cut & potted herbs & vegetables. In the spring and summer, Carl and Deb also bring bedding plants, baskets, and mixed planters to market. In the fall, they offer mums, winter squash & potted herbs. The Flower Garden || St. Anne, IL – Robert & Louise grow potted perennials and cutting flowers ranging from asters to zinnias, but lilies are their specialty. Youth & Yarrow || Chicago, IL – full-service flower delivery company committed to donating 15% of profits to promote positive community change & equal opportunity for youth.

  • screen printing 

Magnolia Screen Printing || Chicago, IL – your order helps create jobs for young people in need of quality employment.

  • zero-waste supplies 

Zefiro Chicago || Chicago, IL – Chicago’s first zero waste supply store Indiana beverages

  • coffee

Noble Coffee & Tea || Noblesville, IN – small batch artisian roasters

  • kombucha

Circle Kombucha || Indianapolis, IN – uses exclusively midwest, organic ingredients when available. The co-founder, Matt Whiteside, is type 1 diabetic and has crafted these drinks to have minimal sugar! grocery

  • gluten-free bread

Native Bread || Indianapolis, IN – artisan, nutrient dense, allergen free, gluten-free seeded boule, sourdough, honey oat, & cinnamon raisin loaves; the best gluten free bread that I have ever had! full of flavor and the crumb is unbelievable!

  • maple syrup 

Burton’s Maplewood Farm || Medora, IN – barrel aged maple syrups

  • nut butter

Revivial || Indianapolis, IN – almond butters, stone-ground and handmade in small batches

  • produce 

Green Acres Farm || North Judson, IN – vegetables, fruits, herbs & so much more. Iron Creek Farm || LaPorte, IN – vegetables, fruits, & herbs desserts goods Iowa beverages grocery

  • bread 

Milkbox Bakery || Cedar Falls, IA – made from scratch breads & pastries made with local ingredients by my cousin Andrea! So, I may be bias but she puts a lot of love into what she makes. desserts goods Michigan beverages

  • kombucha

Bloom Kombucha || Grand Rapids, MI – health-concious fermented tea made with simple ingredients + natural flavorings

  • seasonal

Earth First Farms || Berrien Township, MI – cider & more. Ellis Family Farms || Benton Harbor, MI – cider & more. Mick Klug Farm || St Joseph, MI – cider, fresh & frozen & more. Seedling Farms || South Haven, MI – cider grocery 

  • honey

Ellis Family Farms || Benton Harbor, MI – honey & more. Hillside Orchards || Berrien Springs, MI – honey & more.

  • produce

Earth First Farms || Berrien Township, MI – certified organic apples, fruit, vegetables & more. Ellis Family Farms || Benton Harbor, MI – asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, cherries, apricots, blueberries, raspberries (red, black, and golden), blackberries, nectarines, peaches, apples, grapes, pears, chestnuts & more. Hillside Orchards || Berrien Springs, MI – sweet cherries (late june-july), apricots (july), nectarines (july), peaches (july-september), apples (september-march), chestnuts (september-october), blueberries (late july), raspberries (mid-july) Joe’s Blues || Bangor, MI – blueberries, fresh & frozen; grown pesticide-free Mick Klug Farm || St Joseph, MI – ramps, purple and green asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries (spring), raspberries and blueberries (summer) peaches, shelled peas, 10 varieties of seedless grapes (fall). Seedling Farms || South Haven, MI – pver 100 varities of fruit! Pete uses a device called a refractometer to measure sugars, and endeavors to pick and sell only the perfectly ripe fruit. Tomato Bliss || Galien, MI – roasted heirloom tomatoes, & more. Wild Coyote Farm || Berrien Springs, MI- certified organic fruits, microgreens, vegetables & so much more.

  • toppings & acompaniments 

Ellis Family Farms || Benton Harbor, MI – jams & more. Hillside Orchards || Berrien Springs, MI – jams & more. Joe’s Blues || Bangor, MI – no sugar added blueberry preserves & more. Mackinac Bluffs Maple Farms || Pickford, MI – maple syrup, maple cream Mick Klug Farm || St Joseph, MI – chutney & more. The Brinery || Chelsea, MI – good food award- winning sauerkraut, hot sauces & kimchi Tomato Bliss || Galien, MI – heirloom tomato soup, clarified heirloom tomato broth, roasted heirloom tomato salsa verde & more. Wild Coyote Farm || Berrien Springs, MI- certified organic jams & so much more. desserts Mindo Chocolate || Dexter, MI – bean to bar conciously made artisian chocolate, nibs, beans, drinking chocolate, cacao powder, baking chocolate, unique limited edition flavors & more. goods Minnesota beverages

  • coffee

Cameron’s Coffee || MN – my current go- to for organic bulk coffee at home! grocery desserts goods The Little Ladle Co. || Eagan, MN – handmade affordable backdrops for food photographers & bloggers Wisconsin beverages

  • coffee

Cadence Cold Brew || Madison, WI Colectivo Coffee || Milwaukee, WI

  • kombucha

Forage || Fitchburg, WI NessAlla Kombucha|| Madison, WI Tapuat Brewing Co. || Sister Bay, WI

  • tea

Letterbox Tea || Milwaukee, WI Rishi Tea || Milwaukee, WI grocery

  • bars

Go Macro Bars || Viola, WI

  • honey

Froggy Meadow Farms || Beloit, WI – honey & beesewax

  • produce

Alden Hills Organic Farms || Walworth, WI  garlic, popcorn & more. Avrom Farm || Ripon, WI – mushrooms, vegetables & more. Bushel & Peck’s || Monroe, WI – vegetables, canned & pickled & so much more. Froggy Meadow Farms || Beloit, WI – garlic, garlic scapes ( June), french shallots, edamame (August) , black walnuts (Fall)  & ground cherries, eggplant, cippollini onions,  raspberries, black walnuts, oyster and morel mushrooms, many types of heirloom winter squash, japanese sweet potatoes, tomatillos and many varieties of heirloom tomatoes, & more. River Valley Ranch || Burlington,WI – mushrooms & so much more. Tomato Mountain || Brooklyn, WI – organic vegetables, tomatoes, & more. A zero-carbon footprint farm. Wholesome Harvest Farm || Fort Atkinson, WI – organic vegetables, fruit & more. Wisconsin Fermentation Company || Hillsboro, WI – black garlic & more.

  • spices

The Spice House || Milwaukee, WI – all the spices & more.

  • sauces & acompaniments 

Bushel & Peck’s || Monroe, WI – fermented foods, pickles, hot sauces, jams, jellies & preserves Dunek’s Acres || Lafarge, WI – pure maple syrup River Valley Ranch || Burlington,WI – pickled mushrooms, pasta sauces, salsas, hot sauces, ravioli, tamales, veggie burgers, & more. Savory Accents || Verona, WI – seasonings, hot sauces, jams, chilies & more. Tomato Mountain || Brooklyn, WI – tomato sauce, salsa, preserves & more. desserts Tabal Chocolate || Wauwatosa , WI – unique + conciously crafted chocolate bars including superfood, cbd, + tea-infused bars! goods

  • ceramics

Little Fire Ceramics || WI- unique drinkware, planters, plates & more.

  • flowers

Flowers for Dreams || Milwaukee, WI Other Resources: There are so many other local products out there. Although I have not included products I do not consume, I have found these resources to be helpful in finding suistanable farms that offer meats, eggs, dairy, & more. These are also resources I frequent often to maintain a budget friendly sustainable lifestyle and found helpful in creating this resource for you. Allie Kushnir || Chicago, IL – a local artist & activist creating conscious products & consumers. Ashlee Piper || Chicago, IL – a local eco advocate & author sharing conscious brands & tips Dill Pickle Food Co-op || Chicago, IL – a local co-op providing local products & events to celebrate the community. Green City Market || Chicago, IL – Chicago’s largest and first year-round sustainable farmers market that prides itself in educating the public and connecting local producers and farmers to chefs, restaurateurs, food organizations and the public. Literless || WI – an environmental writer and organizer sharing resources and building community around the topic of zero waste. Plant Chicago || Back of the Yards Chicago, IL – a non-profit organization working out of The Plant that equips people and businesses with the tools to live more sustainably through community-driven, hands-on programs and innovative tech demonstration projects. Slow Food Chicago || Chicago, IL – this local chapter is an educational non-profit promoting the slow food concept through events and programs hosted in the Chicagoland area. The Glossary – an online resource dedicated to creative women & bridging the spheres between the online & offline world through various events and collaborations. If you are looking for woman owned companies, brands, and businesses all over the world, this is your go-to resource to purchase from women. Wicker Park Farmers Market – the first plastic-free market in Chicago! composting drop-off available too! Zero Waste Chicago || Chicago, IL – an environemntal organization offerring resources and education to move Chicago to zero waste. Your Turn: I hope through this you have been encouraged to support our local brands and that in the process you have found some new and exciting things to try! Happy shopping & thank you for supporting local. For those that live in other midwest states please share your favorites so I can look into them. If you own a local brand and would like me to try your product or learn about what you provide for your local community please email me at: britt @ joyfullforgood (dot) com. I plan on creating another resource for listing my favorite local chicago area storefronts which will also include catering + delivery services. Do you have a local favorite that you think JFG would love? Comment below!

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