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Britt Joy


 I am dedicated to embracing a lifestyle filled with nutritious foods that taste good and that make you feel good.

I love getting creative with food and hope to inspire others with my lifestyle choices. Having a professional baking background, I am able to offer a few unique opportunities.

Here are a few ways we can collaborate:

Recipe Development – Do you have a vegan and gluten free product? I would love to create a recipe for your website or promotion on instagram. I will work with products that align with my values and if I feel your product is a good fit, I would love to see what we can create.

I have recipe tested for:



Photography – I love capturing the raw beauty of real food, non toxic products and nature.

                  My photos have been featured with: 














Food Styling – As a professional trained pastry chef I enjoy food art and styling.

Product Reviews – I would love to sample your product and write an honest, in depth review on my blog. If I love your product and feel it is a good fit, I want to share the joy with everyone!

Brand Ambassador – I would be happy to chat as I love to promote brands I feel are making a difference.

Other Ideas? – Let’s talk! I love working with companies or brands that are doing good things. 

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