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Finding Joy: Using Writing As An Outlet

Hello guys!

So here it is! My very first blog post for Joyfull for Good! I have quite literally been dragging my feet in the sand about publishing my blog for the world to see. Writing has always been an outlet for me but I waited to blog. I actually started a blog a couple years ago and then I made other priorities. I journaled and I drafted so many post but I was not quite ready to publish more blog post for other humans to read! What I was compelled to write about were things that I wasn’t quite ready to share with the world. I needed time. I longed for this creative outlet so I would edit and draft ideas off and on when I had the urge. I think I convinced myself for so long that the blogging world was so saturated, and I didn’t feel that my blog would make a difference, but I know now that ALL that was my anxiety talking. I have always been passionate about doing my own research and sharing with people things that I enjoy! 

These were the first doodles of a growing plant that sparked my blog logo at Lake Michigan 

What first came to my mind when I thought about doing this was “Britt really? Blogging? Sharing your life with people?” After a night out and a dear friend asking, “when are you going to publish your blog?”, here it is!

Sharing about myself does not come organically but I am realizing that I have that ability. I am making peace with my past and healing. I am learning to express myself freely. After many ups and downs, I found self love and body positivity in 2016. In 2017, I really dug deep into healing and coming to terms with my past, my disordering eating, being open to seeing a therapist, and just learning to be vulnerable and allowing myself to heal. After commiting to recovery in 2017, I decided to start an instagram account, and the more I continue to share, the easier I have found my journey of self discovery to be. At the beginning of 2018, I had a peace that came over me. Maybe it was partly the new year but I felt like I was ready. Ready to move on, ready to blog, ready to grow, ready to find my new passion in life.

Looking back, I remember that night when I exhaustively stayed up learning all that I could about blogging! Why did I care so much? Why was I not sleeping? Blogging had consumed my thoughts. I had a story and I wanted to share it. So, this is what being vulnerable feels like. This is what realizing who you are feels like and embracing it!

What I have recently learned and will continue to work through is: “life is what you make of it” (simple, i know) You are the one in control of your happiness, your thoughts, and your direction! I let fear stand in the way of to many decisions I make and I am sure I am not the only one (right?). I am willing to fully face my fears now. I know now what I can be. It is hard to step outside your comfort zone but that is exactly what we need to learn, grow, and thrive!

As I am now back in school full-time, I look forward to using this blog as a creative outlet. I want to inspire people to realize they have the power to fully embrace all the ups and downs. I want to help others learn to love themselves so they can love others. Life is a constant process to be appreciated as is. If you cultivate conscious thoughts and lovingly feed those thoughts, really anything is possible!

I am excited to start this blogging project to document student life, recipes, and more as I am learning and growing with you! There are a few things I am working on on the backend of this website, so bear with me as I figure it out as I go. I want to know what you want to hear all about! So leave a comment below or email me at britt (at) with any ideas you have! Thank you so much for being here and have an amazing rest of your day!

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