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30 Things I am Grateful for Lately

Happy November! I know I haven’t blogged lately but life happens. School has been my priority which meant putting all my blogging ideas and recipes on hold. I have so many things I want to share with you but for this post, I want to share this.

Fall is Here

This time of year I am filled with gratitude. I feel the change in mindset this time of year, more than at the beginning of a new year. The leaves changing colors, the weather changing, the preparations for holiday get togethers and so much more gets me feeling really joyful.

I have also been feeling more anxious lately and I am sure it has a lot to do with routine, exams coming up, seasonal depression, big decisions to make for next semester, and just navigating life. I feel like the days are just flying by and i’m holding on to little moments to slow down and take in the present.

Lately, I am at a loss for words to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to go back to college, as unreal as it still feels, I am blessed. I have an amazing support system of family and friends to motivate me when I am feeling overwhelmed.

Full of Gratitude

So, to help spread some of the fullness I have been feeling I thought I would share with you a few things that have been making me extremely happy lately. Maybe you can relate, or maybe these will help you remember those little joys in the day, or maybe you have something that is not listed here that has been making you feel full lately. In that case, please share in the comments!!!

I truly believe that all the little moments add up and when you share them with others it creates more joy.

30 things I am extra grateful for:


1. good snacks to look forward to

2. warm spiced lattes

3. yoga + stretching in the morning stillness

4. just because flowers – these beautiful flowers from Flowers for Dreams were free to those who voted. I love this company and the amazing things they are doing in Chicago.

My husband also brought me home 6 roses to get through midterms week (that I know have hanging) and it just made me so happy. 

5. the right to vote – all the feels exercising my right to vote for those who fought to give my that right and for those who couldn’t.

6. soothing warm showers – showers always lift my mood and make me feel so refreshed

7. getting to bed early- I have always been a night owl, but getting to bed early and taking the time to feel more relaxed about falling asleep has been allowing for more restful nights lately. 

8. fluffy clouds – i could watch clouds move by for hours

9. kind words – in my psych class recently we did an activity where we went around and wrote nice things about our classmates on papers that we had attached to our back. At the end of the class reading through what my classmates thought of me felt so good. In another class someone complimented me on having my hair down and it just reminded me of how powerful it is to speak kind words to others.

10. sunsets – all the colors and the feeling of winding down for the day

11. roasted veggies – just a little avocado oil, sea salt, and pepper

12. a good playlist + new songs

13. warm blankets – usually best with a warm beverage

14. good friends – so so blessed!

15. new restaurants + trying new menu items that become new favorites

I can not wait to check out Chef Matthew Kenney’s new restaurant : Althea

16. getting your homework done (insert your thing) more than 24 hours before the deadline

17. lake shore vibes – we Chicagoans have such a beautiful path along Lake Michigan

18. good tutors – when that light bulb turns on, it feels so good.

19. frozen grapes – try it!

20. netflix + cuddles w: the husband, cinnamon, and bazil

21. large bowls of air popped organic popcorn w: coconut oil, nutritional yeast, + celtic sea salt

22. primal kitchen vegan ranch dressing

20. turmeric in everything

i love the anti inflammatory healing benefits of this little immune boosting savory spice

21. medjool dates w: tahini + ceylon cinnamon

a perfect snack pre or post run  to help muscle fatigue or when you are craving something sweet

22. calming essential oils like: true lavender and helichrysum

23. a moment of quiet: headspace meditation app

24. lighting a new soy candle 

25. seeing plants grow – the accumulation of growth not actually sitting and staring at your plants (although sometimes I do that)

26. a big glass of filtered water – hydrating our cells is so important 

27. big salads with all the toppings – this microgreen salad made at the Plant by Closed Loop Farms was unreal!!!

28. big cozy sweaters

29. sprouted buckwheat sprinkled on everything – slightly obsessed with this cacao superfood

30. all the fall flavors: cinnamon, apples, turmeric, roasted sweet potato, + more cinnamon!

like these vegan + gluten free pumpkin spiced apple donuts I made which I am still recipe testing and will hopefully share soon!


When I write out things I am grateful for I always feel better and it just shows me how many things I have going for me. A little energy boost to get through the harder things.

I challenge you to write a list of at least 30 things, and see how you feel afterwards.

Your turn:

What are you grateful for lately? What are you looking forward to during the holidays? Share a little joy below.

Share the Joy:

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